This is the first comic I’ve drawn since June last year.  Pretty sad huh.  I’m liking how it turned out though.  I don’t know what to call these but they’re the first slice of life comics I’ve done I think.  Each will be one page long.  I have several captured already, but this is the first complete.  I’m guessing most will revolve around domestic life, maybe work.  Anyway c & c  welcome.

It’s in the 80’s today.

Pineapple Pineapple


California State Fair 2007

Just sharing possibly the best gift Hannah and I have ever received.  Received October-ish 2007.

Also of note, the ghost cat found a mouse and made him a ghost mouse.

ghost cat!

Circa early January-2009.  I think.

QUEENS, Flushing Meadows, Ghost Park

I took a trip to Flushing Meadows on Sunday.  I decided to go there after lunch at the taco garage.  Anyways I biked to Flushing Meadows which was pretty ridiculous, on the way there.  Of course I got lost as soon as I got into Queens.  Nothing makes sense there, 60th Street is next to 60th Place is next to 60th Ave is next to 60th Lane, and all the numbers to that. Some streets with the same number run perpendicular to one another.

Flushing Meadows/Corona Park is the this huge park in Queens.  Shea Stadium, the US Open thing, Queens Museum of Art, some science thing, and remnants of the former worlds fair – which I was especially interested in, are all there.  Good ‘ol Karl brought up the topic of ghosts recently, and Flushing Meadows definitely has the aspects of a ghost world.  The former worlds fair is littered with these really huge megabuildings, which are in a fairly abandoned and dilapidated state.  While around it hundreds of thousands of people are playing in the park, around these hulking monoliths.  They seemed strange to me, very ghostlike in that they are urban voids, you can’t enter them but they consume a really large amount of space, are very sculptural in a 3 dimensional sense, and activity happens everywhere until you reach the threshold of the void.  The structure above commanded most of my attention, there’s some new building attached next to it, but it was closed, maybe if I got there earlier I could have gone in, but all in all the thing is now a birdhouse.  The Mount Olympus for the bird gods of Queens.

A few more pics and thoughts after the cut.

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