Surface Magazine

We (Justin, Jefferson, Laura, and I) are in this issue of Surface Magazine, which is currently the current one.  They profile the White House Redux winners on page 80 check it out!  Surface is this design magazine that is sort of the architectural record of design, it’s quite big, and we are all pleased to be included in it.  I think it’s issue #74 but I could be wrong because they do weird stuff to the graphics like cut half the number off).

Anyways I’ve included an image of our page after the cut…

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Storefront for Art and Architecture – White House Redux

I always this may be old news, but Justin put up a great little visual summary of our White House competition entry plus a few shots of the storefront exhibition on his flickr if you’re all interested.  (Click the image above for the link)  Actually everyone should check it out cuz yeah I think we did alright.  There are plans to further archive it somewhere on the web but this is it so far.


To keep it short, the building we live in was sold and the new owner is removing the residential portion of the building, we therefore cannot renew the lease and will have to move out by next Sept.  There is a small amount of construction going on in the building currently, and Hannah and I recently explored the open first floor.  This used to be a factory where they make pillows.  Anyways our heating situation is pretty crappy right now so we found the boiler room.  I mean THE BOILERHOUSE… 

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