Wizard People, Dear Reader

Hannah and I have been Brad Neely fans for quite some time now, if you’re not familar with him he did that little washington video where washington is a total badass.  Well if you didn’t know he also has a huge collection of even better “brad neely comics” at superdeluxe.com, and they are well worth the look.  We quote the professor brothers and babycakes pretty often.

Now I learned yesterday that Brad Neely’s early work included a retelling of Harry Potter, called “wizard people, dear readers” which is played over a silent harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.  We did this yesterday, and was by far 6 million points better than the original.  6 million points for harry potter!  griffindor wins!!!  It was envisioned as a audiobook of the first book that synced up with the movie.  I encourage everyone to watch the adventures of HP, Ronnie the Bear Weasel, Wretched Harmony, Dazzler, Haggar the Horrible, and Hardcastle McCormick.  Not to mention Mouthoil and Roast Beefy.  It’s quite amazing watching the spectacle to realize how much work was put into it, and the general amount of genius all round.  I read that he used to do this live, but got shut down by the man, too bad.

You can download the audio and read instructions here.

I hate mondays

Hannah and I went to the village pet store over the weekend, and would strongly suggest you go if you haven’t already.  A few bad pictures after the cut.

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