I was a college dj for four years while in school.  the station was kcpr and it was probably one of the nicest parts of my college experience.  having an access to a huge amount of great music and constant updates on new releases with a great community of like minded music lovers was actually more awesome than it sounds.  Although in retrospect I did take a year off when I was abroad and when I returned most everyone I knew was graduated, the new kids were cool and it turned out to be a good year station wise.  I’m still coping with not being a part of that station.  Searching for new music is an annoying/rewarding task, I’ve sort of forgotten how to do outside of a college radio station atmosphere.  Anyways I will post some short reviews of cd’s I bought.

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WKND (Aug 15-17)

Hannah got us a projector.  It’s all set up now, it’s pretty ridiculous looking because I used one of the leftover gargoyles/griffin’s as it’s base.  But it works well, we saw Tekkonkinkreet on Sunday as a test.  BTW that movie is awesome.  It follows Taiyo Matsumoto’s work very well, and the visuals… amazing.  I highly recommend it, and hope they adapt more of his manga into movies soon.

We’re hoping to have movie nights at our place soon.  I want to see Inland Empire.  Maybe a David Lynch night then.  We have 3 couches so movie night seems to make sense.

Also, Hannah and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  crazy.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a few pages to the blog.  Some architecture work and comics work is archived.  It’ll take some time before it’s all up here.


keep it to the LEFT

on the left


i need to post more pictures.  this one is from ps1.  last day of the olafur eliasson show, there were good things.  this was so incredibly long ago i don’t even know when it happened.  personal projects: i’m in the process of building the greatest table of all time.