New Job

I got a job.  It’s a junior architect position at Daniel Goldner Architects which is great.  I started Thurday. 

In other news, we’re like 70% moved into our new place.  The last of the move will take place this Saturday.

The cat really likes the new apartment.

Sunday we should be done with everything.  I can’t wait.


I had an appointment in midtown on Wed.  Afterward, on my way back home I stopped by Jim Hanley’s Universe to have them hold a Scott Pilgrim for the signing they’re having 2 weeks from now.  The store was packed with people buying the above comic.  It’s an Obama Spiderman comic, I read it, it’s pretty idiotic, but whatever, I guess Marvel needs to sell stuff, Obama on anything probably sells pretty well, and I bought one.  It’s the second printing, which means they’re already done with the first printing, at this rate I bet a third printing will be happening soon too.  If you didn’t know Obama has expressed that he is a Spiderman fan, and that probably got those smart guys at Marvel thinkin’… !!!!  Otherwise I’m quite relived that the change of presidents has finally happened.  Good riddance.

Watched LOST, which was insane. I used to be able to keep up with what was going on sort of.  but now? like… yeah… pretty whack.  

I love it.

Also made some plans for the new loft.  A bedroom needs to be built.  Maybe I’ll post them soon.

New Apartment

so, new year, new stop.  we’re off the myrtle stop now.  I like the JMZ because the L is so crowded, but we are a bit farther from some ppl now.  anyways this was yesterday, brooklyn is pretty cold, but looks nice.  Brief apt pics after the cut.

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new year

I return to New York more or less unemployed and look for work.  In the process of updating my portfolio and resume I made this for my 5th year project, The Vomitorium.  It feels like a really long time ago but I’m pretty pleased with the results.  It sort of cracks me up because it’s a heavily photoshopped image of an analog model that was built to look like a digital model.  I like the aesthetic.  I also posted a not as good night shot, and some other news after the cut.

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