PAGE 06 – Thom A. Hawk

Page 06.  I struggled mightily with this one.

Tomahawk City, NY – Page One

So here’s page one.  It was kinda hard to draw, some of you may recognize it from my neighborhood.  Also the logo/title was a big reason I procrastinated on this page, I was reworking it here and there.  I’m definitely reading too much orc stain bc it looks way too much like a crappy version of orc stain or crappy metal writing hahaha.  Jesus it’s silly.  Anyways, we’ll see…  I’ll set up a comic page for this comic that has all the pages on it next.  Oh wait,


Tomahawk City, NY – PG 05

Page 5 done.  I’m almost on schedule, (this should have been done on Thursday)  I enjoyed drawing the little disembodied heads for this sequence.  However, I hate the last panel, eventually I hope to redraw it, probably not until the other pages are done.  UGH.  BLEAH!!!

T.C.NYC – PG 04.

Page 4.  I have determined that this is the strangest comic I’ve ever written/drawn.  I have also realized large blocks of text are one of the most annoying things to draw ever, however I like hand lettered comics.

TC/NY – Page Three?

Page 3 or 2 (still figuring it out).   I was cracking up drawing this page for some reason, at one point my thought process was “if there is an open hand, put a tomahawk in it.”

Penciled 4 other pages and started inking one.  Hopefully I can finish it tonight.

Page 02/01

Tomahawk City, NY

So… Paul Lau and I are making a comic to handout @ NYCC (New York Comic Con) which is about a month away.  We gave ourselves a couple months to do this, however in our infinite wisdom only began drawing last week.  So we’re really pressed for time right now.  I’m not sure what the collaboration is called but it will feature two 12-14 page comics, back to back, like the classic double feature comics of old.

Above is either page 1 or 2 (not sure yet) of my comic tentatively titled “TOMAHAWK CITY, NY”.  It’s supposed to be a nighttime scene so I don’t know if it reads that way.  I feel like it’s a bit heavy on the tones.  Meh.  I am liking my lines so far though.   Hopefully Paul and I can get these badboy’s done and printed in time, and hopefully show some kids that we’re still cool, that we can still hang hahaha.  BTW Paul’s script is really funny.

Hopefully update soon!