Today is pi day 3.14.15, and to celebrate I am sharing this image.

I may have mentioned before but I’ve been drawing comics with friends at Four and Twenty Blackbirds semi-regularly for the last couple of months, it’s a support group of sorts, where we shoot the shit and work on our various projects. Initially inspired by Extreme Studios, Rob Liefelds comics studio we wanted to create a super group, but it didn’t happen. Pie has been maybe the only consistent piece between our schedules, and now that we have a table at MoCCA Fest, we will be under the moniker of “pie club” Above is a potential logo/icon thingy. Will update more on the table as we get the details.

Pure Baddd is having very consistent updates for once, I even made a wallpaper. Check it all out.

Alternate in black.



I made a separate website for my new comic Pure Baddd, it’s home is now PUREBADDD.COM, I’l hopefully updating it regularly.

The first piece is approx 20 pages, and will be collected into a printed mini which I’ll share with Paul Lau of Spacetrash fame, hopefully just in time for MoCCA Fest, which is one of NYC’s best indie conventions. The exciting news is that I’ll be joining a table with friends (unruly gang of comics creators) to exhibit our work. I haven’t tabled in years so this is awesome news all round, I’ll update more when I find out more.



Drawn on a small pad really fast.  Inked faster.


Here’s an additional 1 page comic that was made for the print version of Summer Oddity.  Available now at better comic stores in NYC, and Baby Grand.

Apologies to Paul Pope for the title text.


Summer Oddity, a new comic for the baby grand art show, and summer in general.

It’s presented in its complete horizontal format, as it’s presented in the show.

Full comic behind the cut.

Details »


So there’s a reception at baby grand, on tuesday evening 7-9pm.  I have the new comic up in the space and I’m happy with it, I’ll post it here shortly in both digital and photo format. Paul and I are going to stencil a poster outside for hype, and put some more original artwork up as well.