The ever name changing collective of imhotep 2021, and meat pallet have been reimagined as Global Sand Architekten, and submitted an entry to the Sukkah City competition. The sukkah city team is Vivien, Hannah, Justin, and Myself.  In short the sukkah is a temporary structure used in the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which is a harvest festival.  Each year there is a sukkah built in Union Square, this year there was a design competition for it, and 12 will be built.

Our non-winning entry involved a lace cube, some falsified ruins, and floating trees. It was somewhat hectic putting this board together. Judging by the winners designs shown on the internet, we were way off with our design language, laughably off. Regardless, I like how it turned out, and hopefully the winners can get these things built correctly, because if so I think Sukkah City will be pretty amazing event.

Click above image for detail.

Terrible Horrible Part Deux

The wait is over. That concludes the longest ongoing Terrible Horrible strip ever. So not worth it.

Thumbnailing my new 12 page comic and it’s looking better.


I didn’t win 5 dollars.  But I really like the 5 dollar winner.


My entry.

Terrible Horrible

So the last Terrible Horrible was done some time in 2008. It’s 2010 now, thus this new one took 2 years to write and draw. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever made, BUT it’s the longest Terrible Horrible strip I’ve written, because it spans multiple 3 panel strips. I left you with a cliffhanger so you’ll have to tune in later when I post more.

In slightly larger news I would like to explain that this Terrible Horrible is a simple warm-up to getting back into drawing comics again. I finally met Paul Lau in NYC (we’ve met before, once – for like 15 min.) recently and foolishly we’ve decided to combine our efforts and make a split mini together for NY Comic-Con. Ground rules included: 5 characters, we would each get two, and share the fifth who will be an astronaut. We may have had a loose agreement to have it set in NYC. 12 pages each. I’ll explain more as things progress, but until then Terrible Horrible.


I updated all my wordpress settings and I lost my old wordpress layout. j_j

Now I have this layout. SO INTENSE!