Wizard People, Dear Reader

Hannah and I have been Brad Neely fans for quite some time now, if you’re not familar with him he did that little washington video where washington is a total badass.  Well if you didn’t know he also has a huge collection of even better “brad neely comics” at superdeluxe.com, and they are well worth the look.  We quote the professor brothers and babycakes pretty often.

Now I learned yesterday that Brad Neely’s early work included a retelling of Harry Potter, called “wizard people, dear readers” which is played over a silent harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.  We did this yesterday, and was by far 6 million points better than the original.  6 million points for harry potter!  griffindor wins!!!  It was envisioned as a audiobook of the first book that synced up with the movie.  I encourage everyone to watch the adventures of HP, Ronnie the Bear Weasel, Wretched Harmony, Dazzler, Haggar the Horrible, and Hardcastle McCormick.  Not to mention Mouthoil and Roast Beefy.  It’s quite amazing watching the spectacle to realize how much work was put into it, and the general amount of genius all round.  I read that he used to do this live, but got shut down by the man, too bad.

You can download the audio and read instructions here.

movies/outta the way PECK!

watched willow, and superbad.  not back to back, but within the last few days.  that’s the new problem hannah and I have with our life, netflix.  next up is kicking and screaming, and not the will farrell movie, which is actually pretty funny because he has a brother who is as old as his son.  what’s also funny is I didn’t realize that sorsha and madmardigan actually fell in love for realz during the filming of willow and married shortly after.  we are going to do a movie night sometime but I don’t know when, and what the hell to watch because there are so many movies/shows in the world.  i had never seen superbad before, it’s funny.  I also didn’t realize how much non stop fighting/action was in willow, as a kid I sort of thought the story was more balanced in pace, but I guess I was just wrong or had a.d.d. because there is a battle like every 2 min.  I also didn’t realize that there half of willow’s lines in the movie were just yelling “madmardigan wait!” or “madmardigan stopppp!!!” or “Kaya!!!”, etc.  hahaha.  Also learned (i’m learning a lot) that the actor who played willow is like the ruler of all midget actors, if you look at his filmography he’s in everything that has ever needed a midget in his lifetime!!  anyways, willow imho a perfect kid movie.  back to movie night, would a sealab night be cool? or the proposed forever thai night ie Ong Bak + The Protector + thai food be cool?  or like John Carpenter night ie BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA + THEY LIVE be cool?  there are entirely too many options.  hahhaa oh god i just thought of the ultimate: PITCH BLACK + FAST AND THE FURIOUS + XXX + CHRONICLES OF VIN DIESEL + a five course meal of mountain dew and code red.


WKND (Aug 15-17)

Hannah got us a projector.  It’s all set up now, it’s pretty ridiculous looking because I used one of the leftover gargoyles/griffin’s as it’s base.  But it works well, we saw Tekkonkinkreet on Sunday as a test.  BTW that movie is awesome.  It follows Taiyo Matsumoto’s work very well, and the visuals… amazing.  I highly recommend it, and hope they adapt more of his manga into movies soon.

We’re hoping to have movie nights at our place soon.  I want to see Inland Empire.  Maybe a David Lynch night then.  We have 3 couches so movie night seems to make sense.

Also, Hannah and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary.  crazy.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a few pages to the blog.  Some architecture work and comics work is archived.  It’ll take some time before it’s all up here.