Page seven.  FACT: Southwest Fiefdom is kinda like Northeast Kingdom.

PAGE 06 – Thom A. Hawk

Page 06.  I struggled mightily with this one.

Tomahawk City, NY – Page One

So here’s page one.  It was kinda hard to draw, some of you may recognize it from my neighborhood.  Also the logo/title was a big reason I procrastinated on this page, I was reworking it here and there.  I’m definitely reading too much orc stain bc it looks way too much like a crappy version of orc stain or crappy metal writing hahaha.  Jesus it’s silly.  Anyways, we’ll see…  I’ll set up a comic page for this comic that has all the pages on it next.  Oh wait,


Tomahawk City, NY – PG 05

Page 5 done.  I’m almost on schedule, (this should have been done on Thursday)  I enjoyed drawing the little disembodied heads for this sequence.  However, I hate the last panel, eventually I hope to redraw it, probably not until the other pages are done.  UGH.  BLEAH!!!

T.C.NYC – PG 04.

Page 4.  I have determined that this is the strangest comic I’ve ever written/drawn.  I have also realized large blocks of text are one of the most annoying things to draw ever, however I like hand lettered comics.

TC/NY – Page Three?

Page 3 or 2 (still figuring it out).   I was cracking up drawing this page for some reason, at one point my thought process was “if there is an open hand, put a tomahawk in it.”

Penciled 4 other pages and started inking one.  Hopefully I can finish it tonight.

Page 02/01